Shhh. This is about Snoozing.

12. 02. 2019

Shhh. This is about Snoozing.

Shhh. This is about Snoozing.

Sleep really well, wake up deeply relaxed and full of energy - that is the motto for sleep quality at Eder Hotels. Because healthy sleep does so much good and is quite important for relaxation and well-being. For this, the high-quality bed equipment at Hotel SEPP and Hotel Eder guarantees optimal sleeping comfort.

A Pillow for Dreaming.

The exclusive Airfect pillow ensures sweet dreams and restful sleep due to the ideal lying position in the neck and cervical area. Airfect combines innovative material technology and pleasant natural products. For example, a thermoelastic foam encases a pocket spring core construction, which is crucial for perfect lying, ideal ventilation, point elasticity and optimal support of the anatomically correct sleeping position. Ventilation channels in the pillow ensure an extremely comfortable sleeping climate and the Tencel pillowcase, a highly absorbent natural product made of wood, absorbs any moisture. Whether in the supine, prone or side position, the Airfect pillow makes for a wonderfully relaxed night's sleep.

If you can't bear to part with this pleasant sleeping experience, you can take your own Airfect pillow home with you from your vacation. Exclusively at Eder Hotels, the Airfect Original is available with a practical carrying bag at the special price of € 119.00 instead of the retail price of € 139.00. So you can sleep twice as well!

Shhh. This is about Snoozing.

Simply stay in Bed

When you lie down on the bed and have the good feeling that you don't want to get up, a restful sleep is certain. The quality of the mattresses plays a major role in this feeling of well-being, which is why Eder Hotels offers high-quality mattresses from the renowned Elfra brand. The innovative model Duowell is characterized by an ergonomic couch comfort with special, body-fair characteristics. Particularly pleasant: the empty spaces in the core structure guarantee a permanent exchange of air within the entire mattress core and ensure a healthy sleeping climate. For individual lying comfort, the degree of firmness can be selected according to one's own needs. The "firm" side has a supporting and adjusting effect. The "soft" side is yielding and adapting and causes a light massage when lying due to the corrugated cut.

In line with the bed design, elfra mattresses with a thickness of 17 centimeters are used at Hotel Eder and 23 centimeters at Hotel SEPP. "I haven't slept this well in a long time. I would love to take the bed home with me," we often hear. No sooner said than done. And so we have already sold hundreds of the luxurious, exclusively configured mattresses to our guests as a special kind of vacation souvenir, so to speak, who are now also slumbering comfortably at home and dreaming of their next vacation at the Eder Hotels in Maria Alm...

Well, good night!!

Deep Sleep at Night and Concentrated Power during the Day

Dynght® Peace is a natural-based aid to falling asleep and staying asleep. Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and plant extracts support the body in its natural regeneration. Natural melatonin from the common porcini mushroom, 5-HTP and the sleep berry Ashwaganda, known from Ayurvedic medicine, help to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Refined with soothing lavender scent. Ideal for relaxed falling asleep, restful deep sleep, complete recovery and inner peace. An indispensable travel companion that turns the hotel bed into a relaxing oasis.

Concentrated power with Dynght® Creation thanks to caffeine and performance-enhancing vitamins. Developed from hand-picked ingredients such as performance-enhancing lesser field leaf, citoline and B vitamins, Creation helps improve concentration and focus at work and while traveling. Rounded out with a stimulating mint scent, it makes the perfect counterpart to the sleep product Peace. Perfect for improved attention and sharpened senses, so that the high demands that performers place on themselves do not become excessive. After all, especially when traveling, it is often difficult to maintain focus in the face of constantly new impressions.

The great products from Dynght® are available at Eder Hotels as a free trial gift upon arrival. With this in mind: Good night and a good start to the day!

Shhh. This is about Snoozing.