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Our kitchen serves traditional Pinzgau delicacies as well as many internationally inspired dishes - and sometimes the senior chef personally bakes the bread!


As for the food, we strictly follow Sir Winston Churchill's advice "Man should give his body something good, so the soul wants to live inside it" In our restaurant, we believe he would have felt comfortable. We serve only good things, which are appreciated from our Guests and neighbours. Open daily until 21:00 PM.

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Tel. +43 6584 7738

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The Eder

The Eder nas been the village host for over 50 years. As a good innkeeper we serve only the finest culinary delicacies from the Almer Kasnocken to the zander fillet. Our chef combines traditional recipes with international influences and composes his masterpieces from fresh ingredients directly from our region. The result are exquisite - you simply have to try the a la carte disches in our restaurant.


At the Lifestyle Hotel eder, every idea is thought outside the box. And still kept right in the middle. The Wirtshaus stays the Wirtshaus. And the Asia Bar stays the Asia Bar. But something organic and round is being added. On June 9, 2024, because that‘s when they move in. The cooking sons of eder. And they‘re combining passion together. Seven tables for caring and sharing. And for your favorite things from all over the world. Conscious, grounding, hungry, mediterranean and a little bit purple.


The greetings at Eder are always very cordial. For this reason, our bar is located right next to reception - which makes our lobby the most rustic in the country. We offer every kind of alcohol, from Amaretto to Zirbenschnaps. And of course the best wines - we serve 102 different kinds. But don’t worry, our sommelier, Thomas, is happy to help with your selection.

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The cosy roof-top terrace at the Eder has an inviting fire ring. We think you’ll find that it is not only the ideal spot for a delicious barbecue, but is also the perfect place for a sunset over the roofs of Maria Alm.